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Ideal as a foredeck hatch on larger offshore yachts, the Medium Profile has thicker acrylic and deeper frame sections for greater strength and durability. It features Lewmar’s unique sealing system, allowing for easy acrylic replacement. All while retaining the smooth, modern lines of the Low Profile Hatch.


■  Outside handles allow the hatch to be opened from on deck if it is not locked

■  Friction levers hold the lid open in any position up to 95°

■  Anodised aluminium frame for corrosion resistance

■  Curved upper frame profile for strength as well as modern styling

■  Full range of spare parts available

Medium Profile Hatch - Lewmar

HK$4,846.00 Regular Price
HK$2,423.00Sale Price
L X (mm) W Y (mm) H Z (mm) R (mm) Cut-Out Lh X1 (mm) Cut-Out W Y1 (mm) Cut-Out R R1 (mm)
448 578 32 72.5 377 507 42.5
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